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[Music] Setu Firestorm (Rock) Remixes 
 PostSat Sep 28, 2019 9:27 pm
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In 2015, after the last short film I'd scored, I started to do some remix contests just as a fun means of getting back into making Digital Rock (the "digital" part just meaning that all of it is VSTs; even though there are no real instruments involved, I do make all of the guitar and drum parts myself). Basically, it was to take the stems to Pop, EDM, and sometimes Rock songs (hosted by Indaba Music) and turn them into something very different from the original song.

In the majority case, I only kept the vocal stems and built the music accompaniment around them (sometimes changing the chords entirely), although in the case of "Hard Drugs in the Dark" and "On the Other Side" I did use one or two of their instrument stems in my accompaniment.

After the first 5 songs on this list, my hard drive died (and I had lost my Nuendo install disc and USB dongle in a recent move) and I ended up starting to use Reaper (which is why the mix on "Music City 1980s" is screwed, since I was trying to get used to Reaper's tools at the time).

So for anyone's listening pleasure, this is the playlist of all of the remixes I did over the past couple years for fun:

Setu Firestorm - All Remixes (Youtube playlist)

VSTs used were MusicLab RealStrat (for the rhythm guitars), EastWest Goliath (for Bass, and Drums for just the first 5 songs), EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold (for any orchestral instruments), EastWest Ra (for Acoustic Guitars and Guitar Leads), Korg Legacy Wavestation (for assorted synths), Addictive Drums 2 (for Drums on the songs after the first 5), and Guitar Rig 5 (audio plugin used to add distortion to the rhythm and lead guitar parts).[/list]
- George R. Powell (Setu Firestorm)
Digital Music Composer, Writer, Creator
Wingspread Creations
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