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 PostSun Aug 11, 2019 2:07 am
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Ara will cast Positive Pulse while amidst laughter. "Dancing flame, dancing flame. First it's green and now it's red. Next it will fall asleep forever!"

(OOC) just gonna do this for now. Maybe this works as a trump card Gonk
Have a flower! ^-^~*
Chemical Slime
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 PostSun Aug 11, 2019 12:14 pm
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OOC: I just asked BMR if its possible to propitiate the owner of a tomb. He said yes, depending on whose tomb it is.
So maybe we can pacify the tomb owner if we promise not to take anything (or to put everything back where it belongs)
haha. no idea how to go about doing that though. I think an Oracle has the best connection to the spiritual world.

Daimo steps towards the NE and behind Catt. "I hope this tree doesn't mind my presence. Forgive me whomsoever lays in this crypt. It is not my intention to disturb you." he mutters.

I use a hero point for an extra standard action.
Daimo casts Disrupt Undead twice at the skeletons with priority
- whoever is easiest to hit
- whoever is weaker
- whoever is threatening the party
- redirect any cast towards the other target if the original target dies.
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