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Review: Hati's Bizarre Adventure 
 PostThu Jul 11, 2019 10:49 pm
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This is a review of Hati's Bizarre Adventure.

By far one of the best games I've played recently. At first it seemed uninteresting, granted I thought it's all about clicking buttons... once I got into it and explored everything, it became one of the most memorable OHR games for me. A full 5/5 on everything: Graphics, music, gameplay, story. Absolutely loved it!

The first thing I'm impressed by is how much content and quality was packed into such a short game with such a simple concept. The primary element is a screen on which you order the maids to do things each day, with the playable dungeon having just 3 maps. Yet you get a solid feeling of progression as you advance, and at no point does the game get boring or too difficult to handle. You can finish it in a few hours if you want, yet it still feels like a complete adventure each time.

You fall in love with everyone you meet as you learn more about them. They miss no opportunity to say the silliest things at every corner, the scenes are perfect. The fun and joyful atmosphere is what made this such a good experience for me, alongside simply being a furry game of quality. Absolutely beautiful ending, I was not expecting it.

The unique battle system is an intriguing aspect, based on a simple yet powerful concept. The dice rolls for hits and damage are a great mechanic, but I also like the extra freedom a custom engine offers in playing with the graphics and dialogue, compared to the builtin battle system which remains very limited.

The graphics and art are of very good quality, they have a simplistic and artistic feel to them, no looking like they were drawn with a mouse in MS-PAINT either. The game made great use of custom resolution graphics support recently added to OHRRPGCE.

The music is by far one of the best parts. This has some of the catchiest songs I heard in an RPG, especially when going for an 8-bit style.

I would love to see more games made in this style. I hope a part 2 is planned, or if not that we'll see more games by Fenrir and Charbile with those characters.
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