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Hanu In Hell (demo review) 
 PostSat Dec 29, 2018 6:18 am
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This is a review of Hanu in Hell - demo.

Hanu in Hell is a game demo released in 2018 by Mammothstuds (Allu in the Demon’s Cave, Mirrored Soul Gaiden, The Successor’s Legacy).

An NPC welcomes the player character Hanu to hell, where the purple koala-like creature descends several sets of stairs, finds a few shops, and fights some inexplicable creatures. Battle strategy is “attack until enemies die, consume health item when HP is low.” A few levels down is Dru Town, which is empty except for one shop. The music is a bit atonal here, but I like it. As far as I can tell, the demo ends here. The map is mostly empty, and there’s nowhere else I found to go.

I reached the end of the demo in under 10 minutes. Hanu was at Level 3 and had $82, a club, a Bu Blade, a redberry, and a mysterious Dru Drink (it gives a Dodge boost).

This is a very short, incomplete demo. Hanu is Hell has the potential to be a game; it just isn’t yet. The title screen and battle backdrops are all blank. All NPCs are represented by blocks with the letter “P” on them. The music is good (I need to know who programmed the snare on the uplifting synth jam) – as is the art that’s present (especially battle sprites); there’s just not much story or gameplay to it. The game is not hopeless, just far too incomplete to assess right now.
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Red Slime
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 PostTue Jan 29, 2019 7:24 pm
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I worked on it for like two days and gave up because work and depression. I agree with your sentiments, and I hope the aforementioned information can shed some light on them.
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