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Dark Planet review 
 PostSun Jan 27, 2019 8:29 pm
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Glad to see this precious cinnamon bun make a cameo appearance
This building is very aesthetic
I'd really like to see more games with marketplaces like this... It just feels quant and fitting with the whole urban feeling of the game.
This is a review of Dark Planet 2018 edition.

Unlike the first demo of this game, Dark Planet now has some meat to it. The game doesn't look half bad, the tiles are pretty nice and give it an urban feel. While it's not terribly beautiful and pleasing in some spots (except the main character's office building is AESTHETIC), as a whole it works for the urban/futuristic theme of the game. The gang's hideout doesn't look exactly like the "police station," the bank looks enough like a bank, ect. There's an almost brutalist feel to everything, and I like it. The music is pretty pumped and kicking too. The enemy sprites for the gangstas were kind of meh, but overall I can't complain about the graphics or overall presentation.

The fighting was passable. The main character is built like a tank and the enemies become an empty threat by the time you get to level 2, which makes the full-length second dungeon boring since there are only two enemies, none of which are much of a threat. Jet just shrugs off hordes of suicide bombers like he's some kind of superman-like figure. I used his special attack once, and it did less damage than a normal gunshot so I never really bothered with it, and the accuracy buff was redundant since Jet only missed a single attack throughout the entire demo.

However, this game is still in it's infancy so the demo is good for what it is, however as someone who kept an eye on development, I feel like way more effort could have been put into actual game stuff instead of script nonsense like the bestiary, 3d models (I didn't even like the characters' 3d models tbh, they were kind of unnecessary) and texturing a giant slab of concrete nobody is going to even bother to pay attention to. This is starting to turn into a case study of “how to be consumed by feature creep,” but it can still be saved.
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