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Cat in Box

Post by roboman »

Allegedly it is very popular in the internet to share pictures about cats in boxes. The game uses this idea: a cat must be controlled into a box by us. We can choose between story mode, timed mode, and endless mode. The game has a normal version, a 8-bit version, and an Android version. The story mode is the most gameplay-like, however it is just a tutorial. In the timed version we have 100 seconds to collect points, in the endless version we have unlimited time. In the game, we can do varoius things to get to the box, eg. jump, open box, contract, and that's all, I think. In my opinion, the idea of the game is good, but the realization could be better.

Ratings: 4 cat in box out of 5
Nice title screen
Nice title screen
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Oh wow, didn't notice this here.

Thank you for the review!
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