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GLOW Reviews Dragon Chaser

Post by GLOW »

[03:34] GLOW and now for Dragon Chaser
[03:34] GLOW it's not done downloading but the download page states "Haha, here it is, what there is of my game. Finished? Not really, not sure how far you can get in it as I haven't played through yet or balanced monsters out and made sure all switches work and ... well I'm sure it's an unfinished mess. I was told to zip it... it's in a rar file. I was told to include other files but this is the .rpg file. "
[03:34] TheGiz Great start
[03:34] GLOW i'm not expecting much
[03:35] GLOW no pics, but i clix
[03:36] GLOW Huh, that logo reminds me of dragon quest
[03:36] GLOW oh boy
[03:36] GLOW these graphics are not good
[03:36] GLOW but they remind me of exile
[03:37] GLOW so i like them
[03:39] GLOW and hey, this game made me google narcotic, so we're off to a great start
[03:40] GLOW the town exits are clearly marked, even if they are just red letters on a tile that say "exit"
[03:42] TheGiz heheh
[03:42] TheGiz Always a nice touch
[03:44] GLOW alright, the wizards tower was cute
[03:45] GLOW you climb the tower and get to the top floor and your character feels like they're being watched
[03:46] GLOW if you interact with the desk a quill animates itself and starts writing a letter from the wizard, stating that the wizard of the tower is away and asks you to return later when he's back
[03:46] TheGiz Cool
[03:48] GLOW like, it looks like exile, but it's well realized
[03:49] GLOW some weird stuff though, like some shops are just on the map, others are on their own map that you have to go into
[03:49] GLOW certain tiles look like they were supposed to be layered, and just have black filling the negative space
[03:50] |<-- TheGiz has left (Ping timeout: 198 seconds)
[03:51] GLOW now for combat
[03:52] GLOW the backgrounds are animated
[03:53] GLOW and those are dragon quest slimes
[03:53] GLOW like straight up
[03:53] GLOW but the characters battle animation is nice
[03:53] GLOW it's probably the nicest looking thing in the game
[03:54] GLOW the encounter rate is super low, which i'm actually enjoying
[03:55] GLOW rather than being bombarded with enemies
[03:55] GLOW the battle timer feels slow
[03:55] GLOW it might speed up later in game
[03:56] GLOW but rn it feels slow
[03:56] GLOW speaking of slow
[03:56] GLOW red smoke is listed as being tobacco
[03:57] GLOW but green smoke is listed as "a medicinal herb you smoke"
[04:02] GLOW and my main goal at this point is to level up until i can get to the cave of crystal tears
[04:03] GLOW that's what the mayor told me, anyway
[04:03] GLOW a lot of these npcs are long winded too
[04:03] GLOW giving me like 5 lines of information at the minimum
[04:03] GLOW I'm calling it
[04:04] GLOW this game is neat, but like, the music makes me feel like i'm going crazy
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Post by Gizmog »

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Post by DragonChaserKev »

Thanks for taking the time to try it out... will get back to finishing the game sometime, working on my 2nd game.
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