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Late For Work - Gomie vs. 2015 
 PostMon Feb 01, 2016 4:49 am
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That's good advice.
You can stop and smell the roses. The time limit is kind of forgiving. (Though the timer keeps running through the good ending and gives you the bad ending. Fortunately the endings are short! My only complaint. Shoulda stopped the timer!)
That is TOTALLY what movie theater carpet looks like!
This is a review of Late For Work - A 3 Minute Game.

This is a good game and I'm gonna review it, but it opens with a midi of Uptown Funk and that merits a review of its own.

Uptown Funk is a collaboration between a bunch of guys, the one I remember being Bruno Mars who I dislike. You're a man, sing with some bass, god damnit! The Gap Band (of "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" fame) apparently felt ripped off and sued the collaboration, succesfully. Despite my lawyer's request to stay silent, I have researched the case and I must weigh in. I find there is a definite resemblance between The Gap Band's work and Uptown Funk.

However when I think of Uptown Funk I always think of that bombastic James Brown sound, Livin' In America. Apollo Creed, Las Vegas and that star-crossed meeting with Ivan Drago. The fifty three year old man brought so much energy singing and dancing to that song. His enthusiasm, his energy, his spirit was infectious, it's impossible to hear that and NOT want to get up and shake something. Uptown Funk has all of that spirit and maybe even a little more.. though Bruno Mars does bring it down (Bass, god damnit! BASS!)

Whether you want to fire up a crowd before the big sporting event, sell a bunch of soft drinks or rile a guy up so much he fights to the death against a 7 foot Russian, it just doesn't matter. This is the song to do it with. In short, it's the perfect song to start your game with (And midis don't have vocals, so we're saved the lack of bass! Midis, hit your hallelujah!)


RobCurrie's Late For Work advertises itself as a 3 minute game. It took me a little longer 'cause I had to listen to the opening midi a few times, but most normal people are going to have no problem getting their 3 minutes worth. The plot is simple: You're a guy who's late for work. You got 3 minutes to get there and a few common problems in your way. Where's my phone, where's my belt, where's my keys.. pretty much everyone's experienced this at one point or another.

The game promises 3 outcomes and if you count game over, it delivers on that. The environments are just big enough to make you poke around and wonder and the time limit just generous enough that you can do that. Two minutes would've been too few, four minutes would've been too many. The music in game is just as dramatic as the menu music and turns what could've been a snoozer joke game into something that at least feels urgent while you're playing it. Graphics are simple, but effective.

(Not including time spent listening to music) it took me 15 minutes to see everything the game has to offer. It gives you a little mystery, a little trial and error and some fun. Nobody's ever gonna call it a great game, but it's worth the download and ten minutes of your life, especially if you want to make joke games. It has the three crucial aspects: Good writing, good music, and brevity (that means it's short). Honestly, extracting the zip and running the .exe is probably the most laborious part. This is the kind of game that makes me wish we could play OHR Games in browser.

Good work, RobCurrie!
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