Game of the Month November 2013
Final Fantasy H
25% (3)
Cat in Box
25% (3)
Totally... Gihern
8% (1)
Meh 2.0
8% (1)
Gargan and Troy
8% (1)
C. Kane
25% (3)
Total Votes: 12
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Super Slime
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Game of the Month: October 2013 
 PostMon Oct 14, 2013 3:39 am
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Wow, I totally forgot about this. But so did you! So you don't get to complain.

This month's winner is Village People: The Video Game. Since this replaces another game by the same author, he doesn't get to complain, either.

Remember to nominate for December!

Previous winners wrote:
Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega
Batman & Robin
Bell of Chaos
Bloodlust v 1.1
Bob the Hamster in the Crypt of Baconthulhu
Bufanda: A Tale of Three Ghosts
Castle on the Night Land
Clam Digger
Do You Want to Be a Hero?
DON'T EAT SOAP! An Educational Game Starring Bob the Hamster
Dreadful Occupant
Dreg Sector: The Tract
DUNGEONMEN: Men of Dungeons
Escape the Wolf: OHR
Heart of the OHR Tribute
Horse Game
Maze of the Red Mage
My Little Gahn
OkÚdokÚ: La Leyenda Mexicana
Ruin - 25% Demo
Spellshard: The Black Crown of Horgoth
Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams
Tales of the New World I
The Death of Von Stabbingmore
The K'hyurbhi Lands
The Wizard's Bomb
Tim-Tim "The Mighty Gnome"
Time and Time Again
Vampire's Curse
Wandering Hamster
Walthrus: Return of the Crystals
Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?
Village People: The Video Game

Mega Tact v1.1
Super Penguin Chef
Wizard Blocks
Blubber Bloat
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 PostMon Oct 14, 2013 3:48 am
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I nominate the Grinch!
dOn'T MiNd mE! i'M jUsT CoNtAgIoUs!!!
Play Orbs CCG: V
Liquid Metal Slime
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 PostMon Oct 14, 2013 2:18 pm
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Re-nominate Meh 2.0 and Gargan and Troy
In the past, I apologized when I was in the right because I was afraid of peer pressure. For this, I apologize.

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