Tim-Tim 2 Review

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Tim-Tim 2 Review

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This game was entered into the 2020 Heart of the OHR contest, where it won 7th Place.

Tim-Tim 2 "The Almighty Gnome" is the latest, and arguably greatest, platformer to be made in the OHR-allegedly-RPG-CE. This little gnome fella's got some pretty sweet moves as he bounds from the tops of mushrooms and scrambles around on spiderwebs. While there are minor elements of collecting and exploring, the draw for me was fighting monsters. There is no basic attack - instead, your resources are drawn from mana, used for spells, and your inventory, used for throwing things like stones and shurikens. This is a bold choice that, frankly, I don't think gels very well with the vibe this game is going for. A vibrant, colorful game like this ought to have easy options to refill your mana and ammo when you run out, but here, if you're caught with your pants down, you're as good as dead. This sort of resource-management stress is much better suited for survival horror kinds of games. Thankfully, maps are relatively small, so you'll never have to travel too far to make a backup save or retrace your steps to get to where you last died.

The variety of spells Tim-Tim can learn, and the bosses he can fry them with, are quite exciting to play around with. There is a bit of wiggle room during boss fights that is absent elsewhere - no matter what, there will be ammo of some sort laying around in the arena for you to pick up, usually at risk of leaving a safe blind spot from the boss's attacks, so you can finish fights even when unprepared, but it's risky.

I enjoyed combat in this game so much, that I'd personally like to request that the entire game be re-designed around it. I still say it's a bit too punishing to have no basic attacks to fall back on, and limited areas to restock, so I'd propose that instead of punishing failure to manage your resources, Tim-Tim 2 should reward the player for playing skillfully and efficiently. Even if it's a purely cosmetic effect, like a little cheer or a pop-up congratulatory text blurb, I'd like some in-game feedback to reinforce the feeling I get when I chuck a rock just right to knock out a spider on the first try. Maybe implement a point tally and encourage people to shoot for certain score thresholds? Just spitballing. I think this game's got a long way to go before it meets its full potential, but it's still pretty dang fun in its current state.

Time Invested: 0 Hours, 56 Minutes
Rating: 6/10
Accolade: BULL'S-EYE
BULL'S-EYE: Combat is satisfying to master, since every hit counts.
BULL'S-EYE: Combat is satisfying to master, since every hit counts.
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