Puppy Adventure - Fenrir-Lunaris - Review

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Puppy Adventure - Fenrir-Lunaris - Review

Post by zanzindorf »

Solid, enjoyable work all around!

Linking your stat growth to the equipment you wear is a fun mechanic. I had fun balancing out the stats of each character just how I wanted them, and the difficulty seemed to increase appropriately from level to level.

There's plenty of diversity to keep you interested and engaged throughout this bite-sized game. I had fun figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each ally and foe, and I enjoyed strategizing accordingly. Exploration is rewarded with extra loot and secret areas, which I appreciate.

Pretty sure I laughed out loud several times. Story is well written, well delivered, simple, and very amusing. While it stands on its own as a story, I also enjoyed the many nods to other games and the meta humor.

The music works well with the story and gameplay. I didn't really even notice the self-imposed limitation of no sound effects. The main menu song is my jam.

Didn't really run into any significant bugs. Everything is really well polished. Though, if I'm nitpicking, there were a few holes in the wall collisions, allowing the player to explore the black out-of-bounds area in a few places. Aside from that, everything works really well.

I loved it! Many thanks to the author for making this! For everyone else, give it a try!

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