Cat in Box - Review

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Cat in Box - Review

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„Simple but fun“
What I like about the game is, besides the cute cat, the simplicity of it's gameplay.

The „Story“:
You have to help a cat get in to a box – again and again.

The graphics are wisely chosen and match the playfull atmosphere.

You have to use a combination of up to three keys to get the cat on the box. What keys you have to use depends on the typ of box in front of the cat. You never know what box you get next.

The game includes an story/tutorial mode that will teach you how to do the magic and you can play for a hightscore against a time limit.

It's a simple game, that you usually don't will play every evening for a whole week to beat the final boss. Still it's fun to playe once a while, but you might feel bored soon.
Personally, I wish for a multiplayer function so you can play against friends to give the game some more variety.
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