Master K Review: Motrya

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Master K Review: Motrya

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This is my review of of JSH357's game, Motrya.

The title screen shows a scroll on a dark background, and JSH's logo at the bottom. A mysterious, yet melancholy piano song plays.

The introduction shows a dark, forest background. You can see people moving. Someone is talking, about regretting what he didn't do. It seems he's referring to the death of somebody. Then, the scene shifts to showing you, Murlor, in a training arena with his friend, Dayang. They are practicing for their exam. Afterwards, Murlor and Dayang talk about the exam.
Then, you go take the exam after resting. While your resting, it seems Murlor is narrating the story, as if it was the past. Then, you take the exam. Five simple multiple choice questions. Afterwards, everybody is waiting for the practicinal portion of the exam. Dayang also gives you Lyte Snap cards after, and you can challenge all the students to a game as much as you want. After, you go to the hall, and then teams are assembled. Murlors team consists of his friend, Dayang, and the scholarly (and in Dayang's eyes, hot) Icebird.
You then must walk through a forest for the final part of the exam. You first face three holograms. Then, Murlor, Dayang, and Icebird encounter the team of enthusiastic Melinda, jock Rodney, and stuck up snob Darius. The other team gets eliminated. Then, the main trio finds another team, and beats them. Afterwards, Maxwell declares he shall have revenge, which worries me...
Then, three more holograms are faced. Finally, they have to face their teacher. Afterwards, Murlor has to meet him in his classroom (Because he is also his father!).
This leads to Murlor discovering the secret of the forbidden scrolls, and the grad party being crashed by a North-Idul army. They fight through strange stone beasts, and soldiers. They eventually face a REALLY terrifying beast that killed Icebird's parents, and then leave the grounds to find the rest of the scrolls, one of which Murlor has, another being in the possesion of the North-Idul Emperor.
I shall skip ahead, and go straight to the cliffhanger ending. After Murlor and his friends go to the Cathedral and obtain the Holy Fire scroll from Dayangs Father, they have to go to an island to get the next. But, they narrowly escaped from the general of the army, a woman mistaken for a man frequently. But, the general's master zap's the bubble the trio are in...and then it ends.

All in all, this game is AMAZING. The music masterfully sets the tone, the battle system is pretty balanced (With three modes!), the story is purly awesome and dramatic (with very emotional moments) and the minigame, Lyte Snap, is really fun.
I especially liked...well, all of it. This game deserves at least one playthrough. The graphics are truely awesome, and the gameplay is amazing. Play it won't regret it. It provides around two hours of gameplay...more if your hooked to Lyte Snap. Chapter Two shall be amazing, when it comes out, and I would love to see what this game evolves into.
Everyones tense about their exam results...
Everyones tense about their exam results...
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Yowza! Nice stone kitty...nice stone kitty! NICE STONE KITTY!
Yowza! Nice stone kitty...nice stone kitty! NICE STONE KITTY!
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I am so awesome at Lyte Snap!
I am so awesome at Lyte Snap!
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Chapter Two shall be amazing, when it comes out, and I would love to see what this game evolves into.
Man, it better be. It's taking too long to come out.
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