Review: BABIES (vs) ROBOTS

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Review: BABIES (vs) ROBOTS

Post by Fenrir-Lunaris »

Children. Happy, drippy faced, soggy diaper wearing babies, more accurately. They are your loyal followers.

Robots. Automata of steel and metal. Heartless, murdering killing machines. They are your foes.

One side must fall, and since I can't choose to be the side with obvious tactical superiority, I strapped myself in and prepared for what surely would be another blitzkrieg of a game from resident game maker Spoonweaver.

Loading the game I was taken back by a vast field of green turf between weaving brick walls. The objective I quickly deduced was to get as many children to the opposing base as I could, knowing full well the enemy robots would tear them asunder. Whoever was producing these machines had to be stopped, though I also began to worry about where these infants were coming from myself. I laughed seeing my first young trooper engage his first target. They sure are hiring them young these days, so I told myself. Then my face went pale and the blood drained from it as the young baby dropped to the grassy field, his body returning to the earth as his forebearers before him. Prone. Still. Bloodied with the price paid that other may live.

Now I consider myself a normally moral man (though some would argue otherwise), and I quickly became appalled at the prospect of having to send so many babies to meet their deaths. This would not do. I would have to do this as fast as possible, with as few casualties as I could. This general doesn't deliver letters of condolence, you see.

And so began a war of wits to quickly seize the mechanical army's headquarters with as few losses as I could manage. That young baby's sacrifice would not be in vain. Finally, after a long string of attempts, the enemy fortification fell after the loss of only two lives. May they be remembered for their courage and valor.

Nameless baby drone 1
Nameless baby drone 2
babyresult.PNG (2.3 KiB) Viewed 2746 times
And let this field run black with the oil of your enemies!
And let this field run black with the oil of your enemies!
babystart.PNG (5.18 KiB) Viewed 2746 times
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