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Dracula gotta make rent!

You know what's true horror? The cost of living these days! Even Dracula has to supplement his income with a barely regulated side gig that doesn't provide employee benefits.

Get in a fender bender and the company you're contracting for won't cover the medical bills? Good thing Dracula can feed on the blood of the living! Just nudge a few pedestrians and you're good as new! Be careful, though! Too many infractions, and you'll catch a bad case of the fuzz.

Make enough deliveries with no crashes and you'll start getting paid more with each delivery. You might even be able to keep up with the rent hikes Dracula's landlord keeps pounding down his throat ever since the city overturned its rent control laws! You won't keep up, though. No one will.
Good luck, and put that pedal to the metal, Drac!


WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
Esc: Menu
Comma/Period: Tune Radio
Spacebar: Enter or Exit Bat Form
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