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After spending sixteen years away from the manor she grew up at, Melissa returns to it as the new owner. Though, not only empty hallways greet her return...

This is a short "RPG Maker Horror" genre game featuring a story of remembrance and long-fogotten love. There are couple of possible "bad ends" and also few hidden references to known culture and art.

Visual style and story setting adheres to the culture of Modern style in Britain during the end of XIX - beginning of XX century. Contains attempts to convey quirk of british humour as well.

Controls: Z/X for accept/decline, arrow keys, should be playable with a joystick too.(default controls are not supposed to work!)

Content warning: mild horror, screen flashes
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Forget-me-Not Review by Baconlabs

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Oh those suspicious british manors...
Oh those suspicious british manors...
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And this is not even all of them
And this is not even all of them
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Are you fluent in the plant symbolism tho?
Are you fluent in the plant symbolism tho?
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