Alliterative Abbreviated Adventure

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Alliterative Abbreviated Adventure

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A short game made using this sprite set mostly as a proof of concept. I added in James's screenwise scrolling script, which in turn prompted me to make the dungeon much larger; originally, it would've just been six one-screen floors.

I can assure you this game is beatable, but I can't promise that it's fun or balanced. Randomized loot might give you awesome synergistic combos of magic weapons, armor, and spells or you might just wind up getting a bunch of cleaning supplies.

The game is totally beatable at level 6 or 7 (entering the dungeon is recommended around level 3 or 4 if you feel your heroes are well-equipped) and the level cap is 9. Each of your four heroes learns different, powerful moves at level 9.

Definitely a AAA title.
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