Tough Girl Gina

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Tough Girl Gina

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Lovelorn, Gina embarks on a quest to prove her toughness while saving the fairies.

A little backstory: Most of my past projects were meant to be very epic, philosophical pieces. With this game, I decided to do something lighthearted: like a eurodance song. Over the past couple years I've started this game over about 3 times, with long breaks in between. Hopefully I've come up with something fun and exciting. If you know exactly what to do, you can beat this game in an evening. However, there's a lot of stuff that can be done. Not all of the features are as polished as I'd like them to be but everything seems to work. I'll probably do some fixes and beef up the soundtrack a little. However, I would also like to start fresh on a prequel of sorts and do something more creative with this style of game.

EDIT 05/21/2020:
-I fixed the load game bug. Now if there is no saved game, it just returns you to the title screen.
-I fixed the walking frame rate. Now the title screen looks goofy. oh well. I'll either wait for the engine update or do something with slices.
-The readme file now explains all of my unique game mechanics. I think
-I fixed all the npcs that were set to "face hero when activated". I think.

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toughgirlgina (0MB; 89 downloads) update 1


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