Walthros: Renewal

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Walthros: Renewal

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It's time to go back to where it all began. Walthros is a world filled with floating fish, cool cats, and a long-lost past waiting to be unearthed. Bob is a part-time worker for an excavation company going through the motions and making ends meet until he accidentally comes across a buried secret that could reshape history as he knows it.


Turn-based combat with over a dozen unique playable characters
No random battles; carefully approach or avoid monsters in the field
Three difficulty levels to accommodate a range of player abilities
Explore a world filled with friends and foes; hang out with buddies to strengthen your bonds
15-20 hours of game play
Arcade minigames and watchable TV shows bring the world of Walthros to life
Soundtrack by Glock & Mr8bit
Powered by OHRRPGCE

Walthros: Renewal is a full remake/reimagining of the original Walthros and is intended for release in 2022, the 20th anniversary of the release of the original game. This new title will take the characters and themes of the original game and give them a new twist, introducing a world that's both familiar and new to players who enjoyed the original game.

Follow @BobSurlaw on Twitter for regular updates.

Use arrow keys to move, Enter to explore or talk to NPCs, Esc to bring up your menu, and hold the R key to run on maps.

2/27/22 - New demo build available

A newly rebuilt Walthros: Renewal demo is now available, replacing the older version that was available last year. This demo launches players right into the action starting with the game's third mission, the Blue Shrine expedition. After that, players can explore Beta City, make some friends, play an arcade game, and fight some monsters in the Bayswater Woods.

While shorter than the previous release, this is a more feature-complete demo, featuring both turn based and active battle modes, selectable color options, customizable difficulty settings, additional animations, and improved performance. Players start with a variety of healing and attack items to make their introduction to Walthros a little smoother.
2022 Demo
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