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This game is a remake of a piece of lost media I had finished and lost all copies of before my 2005 debut in the community - a game that consisted of ripped sprites from Spellshard's 2004 demo and Pokemon Yellow.

Noticing a significant stylistic and tonal overlap between Fnrrf's excellent free 8-bit graphics set and Spellshard, I decided to make use of his free resources to remake the game. It's a bit of a disappointment that I'll never be able to show anyone the old game for comparison, but I preserved and enhanced all of the game's interactions.

This initial release lacks content in the final dungeon - I've been having a very hard time getting myself to work on the project at all for months so progress has been very sluggish. Perhaps a bit of feedback will help me motivate myself to make this project as complete before the Heart of the OHR deadline as the original game was (which also admitted in-game that the final dungeon was rushed due to low motivation and a desire to make a game with an ending for once)
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Trytuges (review) by TheLordThyGod

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