really hard game

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really hard game

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in really hard game u will play as the hero John Hardgame and u have to kill the demons. and it is hard.

it is the bloodsouls of indie platformvanias.

made in OHRRPGCE by TheMan. It is available for Windows and Mac.


- it is HARD

- is a game where you role-play game

- level up using rocks

- 5 difremt areas of difficulty

- 4 classes: sord dude, spell dude, gun dude, fat sord dude (fat sord dude sucks don't play him)

- u can recruit a egg to fight with u

- 8 playable characters in totale


- music is not mine, see README file for details

- contact for complaints/bugs/compliments

- have a good day :^]

Edit: Full walkthrough
Download (0MB; 241 downloads) version for windows (0MB; 220 downloads) version for mac


really hard game (review) by TheLordThyGod

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