Spooks and Summons

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Spooks and Summons

Post by Fenrir-Lunaris »

A (not really) spooky, experimental game for 2016's halloween contest.

Halloween's come around and your little brother's been spirited away by a magical tome! What sorts of things will you have to go through to get him back safely?
Ghosts! Wolf girls! Witches! References nobody will ever get!

It's a furry game, you should know what to expect :zombie:

2019 EDIT: MAJOR improvements to the summoning system and some of the battles, giving the player more information. Presentation changes, new monsters to summon, new scenes and so much more! Think of it like an extended Director's cut!

halowoof-mac.zip (0MB; 159 downloads) Macintosh is a thing still? Are you positive?

halowoof.zip (0MB; 1073 downloads) Wolfquest 16


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