Drydocks - A Merchant RPG

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Drydocks - A Merchant RPG

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This is my entry for the 2018 hotohr contest. This is an adventure RPG where you play as a merchant exploring a foreign land! This is an demo for an unfinished game, but should be at the very least 30 minutes long.

*A dynamic economy with prices that are constantly in flux and is different in every game.
*6 different trade goods to trade in 10 different cities, some of which are only accessible by the sea, some only by land.
*Over 100 NPCs to interact with, travelling merchants going from town to town, travelling in a large open world map.
*There are several buildings to interact with to help you progress including the Merchant Guild which will grant you higher ranks and allow you to go farther by carrying more supplies, a Builder's Guild which can build you inventory upgrades and vehicles, a Mercenary's Guild where you can hire the services of criminals to "influence" supply and demand, and the Adventurer's Guild which will give you money for treasures you discover in the world.
*Items are bought from farms, mines, and workshops found in the countryside and sold in markets in cities.
*An easily minimizable UI that shows your inventory and the prices of goods in each city. In each of the 10 regions, each city produces 3 types of items you can buy in the countryside, and in each city there are markets to sell the other 3 types of items.
*Sign posts, a minimizable map, and a local rapid transit system (via hot air balloon) to help you in case you get lost.
*Many treasures to find in the world simply by exploring.
*Higher tier vehicles go faster and thus save precious time.

I wanted this game to be replayable so the economy is dynamic and the things you learn on your first time around by adventuring will help you get a better score the next time around.
There is an arbitrary cutoff point in game at 100 days, after which it will tell you how much money you made and your score.
I invite everybody who plays this to keep track of this score and share it in the hotohr thread, in the spirit of friendly competition.

https://www.slimesalad.com/forum/viewto ... sc&start=0

Any and all feedback is appreciated on this one!

drydocks-mastercopy-demo-.zip (0MB; 245 downloads) (12/22/2018 version for Windows)


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(12/22/2018 version for Linux)
(27.65 MiB) Downloaded 202 times
A Large map with several cities to explore.
A Large map with several cities to explore.
Drydocks-MasterCopy0273.bmp (251.05 KiB) Viewed 2568 times
Lost? Check these handy dandy signs.
Lost? Check these handy dandy signs.
Drydocks-MasterCopy0268.bmp (251.05 KiB) Viewed 2569 times
Quickly and easily compare global prices.
Quickly and easily compare global prices.
Drydocks-MasterCopy0270.bmp (251.05 KiB) Viewed 2569 times
Remember to thank your driver!
Remember to thank your driver!
Drydocks-MasterCopy0264.bmp (251.05 KiB) Viewed 2570 times
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