maybe I'm a raisin

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Sob for the drowned rock.
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Error, the floorboards are covered in legs.
No one missed the death of a music box.
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Post by Ravancloak »

Have a flower! ^-^~* (she/her)
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Post by Bird »

Eee (name of a slim computer model)
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Post by polkakitty »

"It was right through those trees; I'm not insane
That's where the fin tried to drag me in
Don't look at me, look at where I'm pointing
Close your eyes, see what I see, Canajoharie..."
-- They Might Be Giants
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Post by Stewitus P. »

In the boggy sun of waters gone
With castanets of spoons
Whipper winds and whippersnappers
Danced to yellow tunes

Alcohol and geritol
Flowed crackling to the sky
Beautiful and bountiful
To make the fishers cry

Once and twice and thrice the mice
So clean and fresh and dirty
Yelled at the car “where we are?�
Quote the Raven: “Seven Thirty.�
—- So anyway, how are you?
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Re: maybe I'm a raisin

Post by SwordPlay »

the time was getting long, except for its feet, so it fell down, and hit its head
time started spinning, or its head was spinning, or its perception of time was spinning, and time was lying dead
stars were shining but not here on these eyes, dazed confounded and unseeing,
yet every sparkle was reflected in the ocean, where there were no place for being

the moon was even colder, looming over the face of the earth like a kiss
the mountains were arching towards the sky proudly, or maybe they were arcing heavenwards in bliss
the hands were reaching into the sky never to touch what they could not keep
could the moon's tears fall to our world and stir the ocean deep and deep?

still the eyes were not open, less so when they were crying
and the mouths were yawning open but not for air nor food, but for screaming and for crying
and the thoughts were like a storm so thick, like pages of a book,
who could read an entire page with just a single look?

if only the eyes could see yes, but first you need a brain
and if the mouth were full yes, but not so full of pain
if thoughts were so simple you could read them with a glance
then what would be the point of having such thoughts at last?

if the mountains were thrown down would we all fall down to hell?
could we walk by a path of moonlight and find ourselves again well?
if hands could reach, and wipe our blemished sight from heaven's face
the lowly world would be overturned and everything put in place

and if we had time enough, how simple it would be
pushed along all the way, then pushed off, that's destiny
and if we fell down, only that again we should get up
that our lot is more than enough, so overflowing is our cup

every breath is so hot, i feel as if i'm melting
and everything is so nice, i feel as if i'm helping
everyone is so cool, this is where i'm meant to be?
and i can do anything i want, and now i can be free

but every touch burns, and sears away my skin
and i dont know who i can help or trust, for i have no friend or kin
i don't know anyone, least of all myself
trapped in this glass cage alone, drowning in my wealth
"Imagination. Life is your creation."
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Re: maybe I'm a raisin

Post by SwordPlay »

fell in the slime
thought it was lime
stuck in a rhyme
it was sublime

ran out of time
committed a crime
by crossing a line
but i guess its fine

i see faces lined
but i do not find
hope that i am
better than blind

now go and shine
leave hurt behind
you are divine
so loving and kind
"Imagination. Life is your creation."
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