Is there a guide for first-persons and point-and-click adventures?

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Is there a guide for first-persons and point-and-click adventures?

Post by HalfBaked »

Like such wonderful games as Festivus, Video Goose, and Time Girl 1998. I love the old DOS point-and-clicks, and the first person retro games were always fun too. Curse of Sthrad, Lands of Lore (w. Patrick Stewart), Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, SCUMMvm games like Monkey Island, Shin Megami Tensei for SNES is a good example of a first-person 2D game as well. I don't know what or if I'll make a game soon, but with the proper guidance, I may pick up some inspiration. Just a guide, I don't wanna bother anyone asking for a tutor.
I've started playing some O.H.R. games in 4K (YT processes 4K so that lower res looks crisper) on YouTube. Made a playlist. So far just three.
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Re: Is there a guide for first-persons and point-and-click adventures?

Post by Spoonweaver »

Oh sorry, I assumed someone else would have chimed in by now.
So in general, the ohrrpgce lacks guides and tutorials in general.
This is true for the base game making features and even more so for the game genres that can be scripted.

In general, people have become a bit jaded with partnerships involving newer people. My suggestion would be to show us what you got.
Are you an artist? Let's see some art. Do you code at all? Let's see some examples. Do you have game ideas? Share them with us.

On an unrelated note, I added your videos to the ohr youtube page.
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Re: Is there a guide for first-persons and point-and-click adventures?

Post by MorpheusKitami »

Every first-person RPG done in the style of Lands of Lore and Dungeon Master is doing so as a matter of illusion. The tile-based first-person view is slightly more difficult in OHR than it is in other engines. I say slightly, because the real difficulty is in changing the engine's default controls. Starting out, and assuming you haven't done much graphical work, I would suggest doing some backgrounds in a wireframe or line style, like Wizardry*. You could probably simplify this in a lot of ways, but for starting out you'll need a backdrop for every combination of squares in a character's view you plan on including. Animating and making them look interesting is something that can come later.
*: ... Id,521660/

The part I could never get down is movement. What you need to do is disable the regular keys, and then having the left and right keys turn you, while the forward key moves you forward. That part's fairly simple to do, but the issue I found at least was getting the whole package linked together. Can't remember if it was because maps on-keypress script is blocked by player suspend or if another issue came up, but I did try one myself and never got very far into it.
As an aside, you're not going to get anything like the Ravenloft games in OHRRPGCE, as those have more advanced environments than is even possible in the engine.
And as to adventure games, if you don't want to do a typical RPGmaker-style adventure game, I would suggest instead learning Adventure Game Studio. In order to do a proper adventure game in OHRRPGCE, you need to learn how to use slices and is generally fairly advanced in the engine. AGS has most of that stuff simplified for you, like OHR simplifies stuff related to making a JRPG.
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Re: Is there a guide for first-persons and point-and-click adventures?

Post by pjbebi »

I found it really easy to make an adventure game like Time Girl 1998 with OHRRPGCE. Looking back, I definitely see how I could have done it smarter and better. But where to start? Tinker around with plotscripting and learn to use arguments. With arguments, each npc can run the same script, but respond to your verbs differently, based on how they are identified. I've been thinking about doing a game meant for android, where you click on a box to change what verb you want to use, sort of like how Sam and Max let you right click to choose between 4 verbs, which should be all you need.

I don't think there's any tutorial on first person games, because this is a bad engine for that.
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