Updates: Things are slowly becoming un-broken

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Updates: Things are slowly becoming un-broken

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Subsequent to our sudden upgrade, we've lost a lot of functionality. Thank you for your patience as we go through an awkward transition.

The game detail pages are back in order now. The ratings are unavailable still: although the data does exist, there's no interface for adding new ratings yet. Links to game detail pages from the old board should work again.

The front page of the site is back in order as well, not that regular users are likely to derive much benefit from it.

My next priority is to get the gamelist working again. After that, I'll look at restoring ratings and tags. I think that will get us back to speed, although there's likely something I've overlooked.

You may have noticed that the arena did not make the jump. If you were a fan, please accept my apologies. The arena had lots of custom integrations with the forums that aren't worth updating at this point. It would be more worthwhile to create a new arena at this point than to attempt to port the old one. (I am not likely to do that, either, though.)
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