Titityler (a1.1)

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Titityler (a1.1)

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Collect 300 pennies and get your bubbly butt to the mail box.

GAME CONTROLS: (should work as expected with any generic gamepad):
Move with left and right (or Z and X)
Jump with Use key (or SHIFT)
toggle mini map with Menu Key (or M)

R: Reset from room (also respawns coins/resets mini map)
L: Reset from Hero starting position
V: toggle visibility of map layer 2
H: toggles visibility of hit box
O: Delete Saved Game*
T: Restore Screen Resolution (in case of error display)

This game is way still in development. Let's talk about what it needs in the game discussion forum.

*Without a Saved game, you'll have infinitely replenishing blue bubbles. However, you may get trapped instead of respawning at your save point

tititylera1.1.zip (0MB; 3 downloads) latest 05.13.2022

tititylera1.zip (0MB; 3 downloads)


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