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I took down the old version of this because the base scripts were honestly a nightmare.
If you're interested in doing something, these will probably be a better base to work off of. You'll still need to provide a lot of your own stuff [graphics, a bunch of other scripts, etc.], but if you're working with the OHR you should be expecting that already.

3/6/21 update: Changed around some script stuff and fixed a few bugs regarding the minimap, loading, etc. Also added in the ability to crab walk!
PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 12:29 am

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Download (2.36 MB; downloaded 14 times)
Included: the scripts, the base graphics, as well as a .rpg file that I didn't have to rip stuff out of in order to be presentable.
It may look similar to the old version, but it should be a lot more usable than that was!
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