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Ever wanted beastmaster powers to control a buzzing hive and make it follow your whims? Today's the day! In this small digital experience you can have a fun five minutes ordering around a procedurally generated beehive of your own, playing around with various values to even further customize its routes and shapes~
This is a showcase demo I made someday and forgot to post, now it's time to assert plotscripting dominance
The point was to experiment with possible particle system setups in the OHR using an example of hive simulation.


    5 unique movement algorithms(based on five possible ways to change slice position on screen in HamsterSpeak) with whooping total 15 of possible formations and infinite variations based on parameters changeable in real time!
    3 colors of bees - Clockwork Orange, Maroon 5 and Deep Purple!
    Two mouse-controlled patterns!
    True 8-bit color field with mapped transparency and special animation effects!
    Atmospheric ambience with sounds of real beehive, BZZZZ!

How to play:

Enter/Space to confirm menu option
Esc to open/close option menu

<> to change parameters
-+ to change the value
Up, Down arrow keys to change Signature - the movement type which
determines the pattern
Left, Rigth arrow keys to change Subtype - the pattern variant

F12 to take a PNG screenshot
Ctrl+F12 to start/stop recording GIF

Values explained:

Particle count - number of bees, from 1 to 500
rangeX/Y - the movement range for the random number pool
Offset - relative to position on screen
Time - in some cases determines movement speed, positive value, in ticks
Probability - in some cases determines chance of "reseeding"
Anim range - pattern update frequency - timer count
Spriteset - 1,2 and 3 are valid values, changes the color of bees, but
will only update when new particle is created via Particle count
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Beehive Simulator
Sands of bees be flowin'
Fluttering like a butterfly~
Fear the Swarm!