Axe Cop

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Axe Cop

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In 2009, two brothers, Malachai (age 5) and Ethan (age 29) Nicolle, created the comic book, Axe Cop. Over the years, the brothers pitted Axe Cop and his team of strong fighters against the most deadly, disgusting, and horrifying bad guys that their imaginations could come up with. In celebration of over ten years of Axe Cop, we are proud to present the official Axe Cop Game!

Play as Axe Cop and his team in this classic retro RPG! Take on challenging missions against his most devious enemies such as Bad Santa Claus, Dr. Stinkyhead, Dr. Doo doo and more! The Axe Cop Game is great for casual and hardcore RPG gamers alike, offering plenty of strategy, quests and story for any gamer to sink their axe into!


The full game is available on Steam:
Download (0MB; 111 downloads)


Axe Cop Review by Baconlabs

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