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One is a tileset cobbled together from the old PSTutor and Sample/NPCtag RPG files' sprites and tilesets and some of the Halloween No Ingles map tiles. As the former two were never formally made public domain to my knowledge, just included as a sort of sample, I'm more than willing to remove sample00 upon request.

The other two follow a more consistent structure:
- Walkabout sprites for a male warrior, female ranger, male cleric, female mage, and skeleton
- Hero sprites for the warrior, ranger, cleric, and mage
- Enemy sprites for a squirrel with a dagger, a mushroom, a skeleton, and a dragon
- One weapon for each hero
- Attack sprites for a generic strike, a healing spell, a lightning spell, a fire spell, and an ice spell
- Tilesets for town and cave locations

The difference being that Sample01 is using Vikings of Midgard sprites and Sample02 is using Fnrrf's 8-bit graphics set.

I've included small amounts of gameplay definition. I just kinda have a hard time helping myself there, so I tried to keep it super generic (Vikings assets version is a lot more generic than 8-bit, but sample00 is more generic than either while also being less generally useful in what its assets represent).
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