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One night a UFO crashes somewhere in rural fields. Ushitsuki, local farmer(and a cow girl) finds the alien who now needs to repair his space ship using colors hidden in Ushitsuki's dreams.

Moonday is heavily inspired by Yume Nikki and shares some mechanics with it - exploration of dream worlds via going to bed, finding/equipping special "effects" which change character's appearance/abilities, etc.

Version 0.36 beta Features:

    8-directional movement - Pixel Walker editor's cut+diagonal "walls"
    Gamepad support - finally
    Raidal Menus(BMR's scripts, slightly revamped and optimized/screwed)
    Music Fadeouts, Door Directions, and all that fancy small stuff
    Remappable Controls - only in game's scripts, disabled in game
    Two buoyant dream worlds in mellow manner
    Few mini-"events" and an easter egg
    12 short ambient/cheesy music tracks


    Z/A-button - Confirm, Act
    X/B-button - Decline, Back
    Shift/X-button - Use equipped Effect
    Tab/Y-button - Wake up(when asleep), Delete Save File

Please make sure to whitelist on-run check for antivirus scanners! If you still have troubles, try to download version without embed icon. If you computer can't run SDL2 backend consider trying SDL1 package.

Made during Dream Diary Jam 4 (2020)
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City of Freezing Rain
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Dat menu, mmm...
Getting lost in a wheat field