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Update Notes

-MS BEANBOY UPDATE (June 21st 2020)-
Edit on 8/1/2020: Re-uploaded without embedded icon. Sorry virus-scanners.

- MOI MODE added
    - It's not like she like you or anything.
    - A totally different game.
    - I mean it. Just like Ms. Pacman is completely different.
    - Features: Just look at that ribbon.
    - Baka.

- The mayor has hereby ordered the replacement of all sidewalks with actual streets.

- To facilitate for the aformentioned construction, the following changes have also occurred:
    - Highschool was renovated.
    - BRGR was put out of business. Long live BURGER GOD
    - Various apartment buildings have been renovated.
    - Several trees have been bulldozed.
    - Several electric poles have been relocated.
    - Most light poles have been moved.
    - Fences have been replaced with... well, actual fences.

- The beanboy pandemic is over! Time to re-open! Shops have fancier signs now.

- Speaking of fancy signs, a sign of the times! A beautiful tree has sprouted near the center of town.
    - New beans spawn here.
    - Don't eat the fruit.
    - Don't listen to the tree.

- Space is a little less weird now.
    - Big things don't look like they slide under small things... as often.
    - Space is weird, isn't it?

- Scoreboard now shows difficulty. Go Mayor-town mayors!

- Difficulty changes.
    - Easy -> Normal
    - Normal -> Hard
    - Hard -> Impossible

- New difficulty level added for big babies.
    - Same spawn rates, time limit, and events as "Easy"
    - Double XP
    - Special NPCs spawn faster.
    - Score is quartered.
    - Ignore the QA tester near the mysterious and beautiful tree.


I mean, he's a bean, he's a boy. It's pretty self explanatory, right?

    Arrow keys/Click/Touch somewhere to move.
    Enter/Space/Ctrl/Click/Touch on something: Select menu options.
    Esc/Right Click: Open Menu/Exit Menu

    One play lasts about 5 minutes
    Play with audio on. VST Vocals!
    Make friends to gain XP
    Gain XP to level up
    Level up to become better bean
    Become better bean to become better you
    Post screenshot of your score to your favorite place and share with your friends
    Harder difficulties give you a score multiplier
    Reach Level 99 before the timer is up and get a time bonus added to your score
    A special NPC will spawn once per game about halfway through a play session and is worth 1000xp and will give you a special power.

Engine Info
    OHRRPGCE gorgonzola (released May 2 2020) OHRRPGCE Contest entry.

OSX Warning:
A playtester reported audio issues and crashing when trying to run Bean Boy in OSX. I'd just recommend not trying it on OSX for the time bean.
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MS BEAN BOY UPDATE (V2) (No embedded ICO, safe for virus detectors)