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Monster pour, unending, from their foul dens! The dead refuse their eternal sleep! The skies roil with dark energies!

And into all this the princess of a settlement within the decaying husk of the city is thrown, so as to lift the spirits of those who remain...

-5 party members, each with a special use in battle
-5 dungeons, and numerous smaller tunnels and field areas
-40+ unique enemies
-BAM music, just like 'real' OHR games of old did things
-a copy of DOSBOX
- A secret shop

-Made for the 2020 Ridiculous Games Contest

There's two versions here: the DOSBOX version and the non-DOSBOX vesion. The non-DOSBOX version has a bit different balancing on its attack speeds that I haven't really checked how well they work, but it should on the whole be easier than playing the DOSBOX version on a modern version of game.exe.
I'm not stopping you doing that! Just expect things to get overly hectic by the end, as the battles were made to be at a fast speed at the slower emulation speeds using DOSBOX entails.

4/1 edit: fixed a non-essential door warp and did some cosmetic changes to one of the palaces.
4/5 edit: fixed another non-essential door warp, and changed up the delays on most hero skills in the windows version.
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Download (2.13 MB; downloaded 60 times)
Version of the game that doesn't run on DOSBOX; also has MIDI music, instead of the chunky BAM stuff. (2.42 MB; downloaded 48 times)
The DOSBOX version.
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