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This is a platformer in the OHR I was working on. I had some help from SlimeSalad members too.
Some materials from contributors, especially art by Gaplan Smile

Feel free to use the scripts however you want. It's messy! You should know that by now.

NOTE: There is a limit on how fast things can move, as well as how thin walls can be. If you are good, you can probably figure it out.

There are a lot of abilities and some are dummied out.
Fast-fall / Slow-fall
Dash / Slide
Wall Jump
Double Jump
Platforms you can jump and fall through
Wall Climb / Wall Hang / Wall Slide (disabled)

There are some basic enemies and attacks. Try them out!

minor fix. enabled all abilities and added some mapping ideas.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:01 am

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Hamstervania Ellipse of Sin Hamstervania Ellipse of Sin (2.36 MB; downloaded 2 times)
minor fix edition
this is how it is in the rpg file. but the old stuff is still there.
you can do a lot of stuff.
but some of it (esp. wall cling) is a bit broken
it is a slice based system. be nice to it, okay?
It is made of Hamster and Sine
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