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The HORNED KING - a tyrant unlike any other in the land! He has dethroned the rightful king from his throne, and seized control of the kingdom! If the HORNED KING is not removed from power, then his armies of darkness will soon cover this land! To take up this quest, four heroes have banded together for the purpose of dethroning the HORNED KING! Dare you enter the magical realm?

~A game for the 2020 Terrible/Ridiculous games contest~

Meant to resemble games made during the dawn of the OHRRPGCE era with a few anachronisms for player convenience -

-> 4 maps total!
-> 36 max NPCs per map!
-> Less than 400 textboxes!
-> No sound effects!
-> Equipment levelup bug!
-> Stealing is a joke!
-> Roo things!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:13 am
Download (9.99 MB; downloaded 15 times)
Not an April Fool's joke, we swear!
Fight the terrible forces of the HORNED KING!
Larger than life colors!
Sweet retro OHRRPGCE action!