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Let's talk business now. This is a very, very serious attempt to create an overview over computer history, built within a story: Here is CraComCo!

Your girlfriend asks you to get rich. You heard, that computer freaks become quite rich. So you participate in a computer challenge, where competitors use their machines in battles to show, who the best is. But don't let the evolution of the newest era make your team look like dinosaurs.


Short game, that was originally made for the Ridiculous Game Contest 2020 (where it got a 3rd place in "The Spirit of 1998" category). The inital DOS version was made with the genuine 1999 version of the OHRRPGCE. Still, no plotscripts were used.

There are three versions:
- Original BAM Music Version for MS-DOS
- Original BAM Music Version for Win95-WinXP (with old soundcards)
- Recorded OGG Music Version for Win95-Win10, Linux (with normal soundcards)

CraComCo contains an orchestral soundtrack, that was composed by Marius Beckmann as MIDI files. It is important, that the game sounds well on your computer. No problem with old soundcards, which have beautiful MIDI and BAM sound, but the unfortuneate one's who upgraded from Windows 98 already aren't left ahead (or better said: behind). Because the original BAM playback was recorded on an SB Vibra ISA, a vintage soundcard, and converted to OGG, which every current computer should be able to play properly.
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Download (1.36 MB; downloaded 60 times)
Original BAM Music Version for MS-DOS / Windows 95 - Windows XP (7.1 MB; downloaded 73 times)
Recorded OGG Music Version for Windows 95 - Windows 10 / Linux
With original 90s game sound recorded!
Graphics are very efficent