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When a bird comes to your dreams, what will you do?

Help Clarie wake up from eerie dream, assisting errands of morally gray Bird character by solving challenging puzzles.

Explore surreal environments of the Witch's house and encounter controversal speech lines, illustrated with crisp clip-artish visuals and ambient sound surrounding.

Solve 6 chiseled puzzles aimed to test your:
    * intuition
    * erudition
    * accuracy
    * reaction
    * logic
    * keen eye

Made with PowerPoint, which is not originally suited for video games, yet provides possibility of creation alike. No VBA/Macros were used.

You can download PPSX file if you have Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 or newer installed ( should work for Mac too) or Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010.
In other case, EXE file provides Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 installation built-in, so you can play even if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer!
Other way is trying to play PPSX file via Microsoft PowerPoint Online if you have a Microsoft account, it's free.
PPTX file is added for research purposes.

Please note that video game may contain possibly disturbing visual, audio or text content, so consider checking content warnings section in the README.TXT file.

Walkthrough files are provided within.

Best experienced with stereo headphones!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:59 pm
Clarie's Song Clarie's Song (71.45 MB; downloaded 87 times)
EXE file with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installation (Windows)
Clarie's Song Clarie's Song (10.96 MB; downloaded 59 times)
PowerPoint Slideshow (Windows, Mac OS)
Clarie's Song Clarie's Song (10.96 MB; downloaded 58 times)
PowerPoint Presentation (Windows, Mac OS)
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