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Listen! This game will be translated. But unfortuneatly this process is interrupted by new incoming ideas and the need for fresh air, meaning it will be just ready for the next HotOHR contest in 2020. But with the translated walkthrough (ENGLISH.txt), you might win the revolution, which is the main goal in this game.

Anyway, here is the games description:
The transplanetary ministry of peace and friendship decides to act, as the power-posessed tyrant called Jacques goes insane. Our war-red, round shaped friend Raddanz should get things back into balance. Raddanz is the spawn of aggression and rage. The perfect guy, to tear down whole castles. With some good allys, the mission will succeed, won't it?

Technical things:
MIDI files are used as background music. Set it up 100% correctly under Linux, or let it be a great computer system, that is not made for games.

Competition results:
4th out of 21 games in the Heart of the OHR Contest 2018.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:16 pm

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Attention, this is a non-translated game
Some characters
We make an exception for the contest. But after that, let me do the translation!