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Yume Nikki fangame about girl named Tsuneko.


8+ worlds

3 effects

1 ending

Ambient soundtrack

Unlockable Touhou fan-mini-game!


Arrow keys to move
Enter/Space/Ctrl to accept/interact
Esc/Alt to decline/open menu
Load from menu

Game flow:

Z or interact key on the bed to sleep
Get effects, equip from menu
1 or Shift to use abilities
4 to drop effect in the nexus
(stairway room)
8 to wake up from the dream
Check herbarium when awake to Save


Alt-Enter to Fullscreen/Windowed
F12 to take BMP screenshot
Ctrl-F12 to start/stop recording GIF

Content warnings:

grotesque imagery
several flashes

Average gameplay: 15-20 min

WARNING! : Please be sure you have the game's directory whitelisted for antivirus on-run scan(you can scan it manually) - game's data is rare-formatted. By downloading and running it you confirm that I am not responsible for all kind of damage it may cause(though there shouldn't be any)!
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