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UPDATED VERSION. Now with more trains, NPCs, and the game ends if you blow up the N-Djinn. Changed bombing mechanics to work on different tiles

Press "B" to get bombs (debugging purposes), and "Q" to drop it. You can carry 3 at a time in your inventory.
Press "Z" to dash.

If you don't start at (30,100)... well that's the intended start position.

The file is corrupted Sad but if looking at it doesn't damage your computer, or you just want to look at the code, go ahead.

this is intended to be my submission to this jam:

The theme is steampunk! Not a genre I'm that in love with, but I'll give it a shot.

This is the prototype I have at the end of day 1 (out of 3)

It has a plot rather too long for the time to develop it.
It goes like this.
There's an evil general in a steampunk world who has to be assassinated as he is developing mecha-soldiers (who are a horrifying amalgam of flesh and metal/steam power) to conquer the world and settle the raging Steam Wars, (a massive war fought with and over Steam)
You play as an escaped prisoner, or a rookie soldier, or some kind of rogue, and you have to blow up trains (or tracks) to stop/raid convoys, and assault the fortress where the mechamonsters are being made.

You can see a town, the fort/dungeon, and that's about it

There's also a sunken, ruined fort nearby as well, and a small homestead kinda place. Not sure if I'll have time to design all that.

It is intended that you can board the train carriages and find scenarios within. Unimplemented

I'm not sure how many scenes I can get done in the next 2 days.
I might use the battle system, but I don't have enough time to plan it. Maybe a super simplified rock/paper/scissors combat strategy?

I think the main bulk of gameplay would have to be something like traps and bombs. Maybe timing based action.

There's one bridge you have to cross. Don't bomb it. It's broken haha.
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steampunk steampunk (88.85 KB; downloaded 10 times)
newer version (2/4/18)
steembunk saboder jejeje0005.gif
enemies. they don't do anything yet. there might be a mini game?
steembunk saboder jejeje0002.bmp
starting area or scene. I'm going to use a small intro splash with brief narration
steembunk saboder jejeje0003.gif
blow ub drain
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