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After a ridiculously long development period (thanks mostly to several year-length stretches where I lost interest in working on the game, with brief spurts of regained interest in between), the game that brought me back to the OHRRPGCE finally gets its first demo release!

The date is October 22nd, 2003. The place is an average high school in middle-of-nowhere Alleghany County, Virginia. Well, okay, maybe "average" is a bit of an overstatement -- this place is constantly flooding, kids frequently pass out from heat exhaustion due to the total lack of air conditioning, the cafeteria food probably should come with a biohazard warning sticker, and despite getting 90% of the school's budget the football team has racked up a 4-year losing streak against an elementary school. But there's more going on here than just gross misuse of funds... when the school is hit with the third power outage in a week, things get a little weirder. Giant bugs roaming the hallways, doors sealed shut from the outside, disappearing students, suspicious announcements over an intercom system that shouldn't even be working without power... and all signs seem to point toward Mr. Higgins, the school's slightly unhinged principal.

Note that currently the game is not complete -- you'll be able to play through all of the power outage storyline as well as the one that follows it, but there's two places where you'll come across a "whoops, this area isn't done yet" message signalling the end of the demo (one in an area you'd visit for a sidequest in a complete version of the game, and one in the place you need to go to continue with the main story.)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:52 pm
Fnrrf Ygm Schnish  Alleghany Hell Fnrrf Ygm Schnish Alleghany Hell (3.47 MB; downloaded 32 times)
Zip file containing everything you need to play the game
There's a fungus among us...?
Fighting the dreaded Cigarat outside the school.
(Loosely) based on actual events. Sometimes.
Lunchtime. Beware of the food.

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