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Pixel-Walker is an 8-directional movement framework for the OHR intended to act as a replacement for default grid-based movement. Run the included .rpg file to see the scripts in action.

When compiling the scripts into your own project, make sure all .hss files are in one location, and compile "main.hss" in Custom. Apply the "newGame" plotscript as your new game special plotscript in custom (or add the script to your existing new game script). Apply "keypressHandler" to each map's On-Keypress script and "defaultAutorun" to each map's Autorun script.

Read through the constants defined in main.hss to get an idea of what immediately customizable values are available.

Pixel-Walker v2.1 was exported for OHRRPGCE version fufluns.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2017:
+ 8-directional animation
+ Player acceleration
+ Better wall friction
+ Customizable player hitbox
* Cleaned a lot of code
* Changed constants to allow for easier customization and script flexibility

UPDATE Dec. 8, 2017:
+ NPC movement: wander and standstill
* Mostly cleanup: scripts are now split between three files, which should make finding things easier. Utility scripts are all in one file, so you don't have to look at them if you don't want to.

UPDATE Dec. 16, 2017:
+ NPC collisions
+ Finnicky NPC interaction (technically does nothing, but the scripts are there)
* Fixed an animation bug where "walk in place" NPCs only animated when the player was moving
* Obligatory code cleanup

UPDATE Feb. 7, 2020:
* Complete rewrite of scripts
+ A whole bunch

UPDATE Feb. 16, 2020:
* Fixed touch NPC collision detection
* Pushability now functions closer to default functionality (only pushability:full is available)
* Bug fixes with collisions, ai
+ NPC "Change Direction" and "Face Player" options
+ Debug features toggleable in code (off by default)
+ Added "Fake Game" map to better demonstrate features
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test scene
The scripts in action