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I used the new(ish) script command "move slice with wallchecking" along with a couple others to make a pixel-based walking system in the OHR which is remarkably simple compared to pixel-based systems I've seen in the past. It is a little bit conflated to make up for some weird bugs, but that's why I'm releasing this here: so you don't have to do the work!

This is just a tech demo made for the purpose of giving the scripts to whoever wants them. No credit necessary.

If you're not on Windows, you can download the most recent stable version of the OHR. This demo was made using dwimmercrafty.

UPDATE Nov. 13, 2017:
+ 8-directional animation
+ Player acceleration
+ Better wall friction
+ Customizable player hitbox
* Cleaned a lot of code
* Changed constants to allow for easier customization and script flexibility
PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:58 pm

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