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This is my unfinished project I was working on for the multicart.
Sadly it was abandoned by its creator.
It is also miserably bad.
Still, it works (roughly) and has some content. Feel free to check it out.

There is/was much planned content, about 5 to 10 times as much as currently is implemented, including ladder progression, unlockables, random events and bonus content (none of which has been created yet)

2 random events are in the game so far (computer virus and tiger)

After the first week, additional characters are supposed to randomly show up in the office, and I had planned many more (not finished)

So far, 2 characters show up in the office after 1 week. They have randomised content, and they both work (somewhat)

About half of the characters you see in the office are there for debug purposes.

Mouse support works (allegedly) but is very buggy and I don't recommend it.
There are hotkeys and they work! So use those instead (if you must play it).
Read the document in the beginning and open the box on the middle table. Better yet, delete the game and don't play it.

Ordering items through the computer does NOT work and I was planning to have an order/delivery mail system. But it doesn't work, so yeah.

Doing trade deals won't turn a profit, simply because I raised shop prices in anticipation of ladder-like progression. If you make shop items cheaper (couple of $1000) then it will work as intended.

The game is not finished by any means. I wanted to implement win/lose conditions, and create a hud with slices, but... yeah...
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Download (117.2 KB; downloaded 64 times)
you can look at the script, but its messy.
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