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Not a game, but a set of graphics complete enough that somebody could hypothetically make a game out of it. Inspired by someone mentioning to me back around February that a set of sprites I submitted to Hamsterspeak years ago was one of the most complete "free-for-use" sprite sets that existed at the time. My first thought was basically "wait, what? really? those old things are horribly incomplete, there isn't even an inside-house tileset, nobody could make a full game from just those!" and then immediately I started working on this.

Most of a year later, after much procrastination (of course) and also quite a few add-ons to the original plan, they're finally done.

Includes 16 hero sprite sets, 95 walkabouts, 120 enemies (40 small, 56 medium, 24 large), 90 attack animations, 30 weapons, 25 tilesets, and 34 battle backdrops. Oh, and a set of box edges, but that's basically just the default one.


June 14th 2017 UPDATE: Added an updated version of the tileset which plays nicer with layers, fixed a minor color error in a couple of tiles in the original non-layered version, and added another dungeon tileset to the non-layered version based on some recolored tiles that appeared in the layered verison.

June 18th 2017 UPDATE: After some fiddling with the tilesets in an attempt to make actual maps, I moved some things around -- rock walls/caves are now on the same tileset as buildings, and pillars and ruins doors are now on the same tileset as the trees and rocks and such. This was mostly done so that you can have trees overlapping the edges of the rock platforms and such without adding an extra layer just to have them both in the same space.
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RPG files containing all graphics (Jun 18 2017 version)
Some new dungeon tiles (layered version)
Town (layered version)
World map (layered version)
What the heck is this place!?
So, uh... looks like you got eaten...
Pummeling demon-rats in the woods.
Meeting the king.
Battle against an evil bird and skeleton minions.
The world map, or part of it.
A bar in a busy port city somewhere.
A peaceful grassy town.

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