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If you or someone you love has children, do not let them leave the house until you have read this. There's a shocking new trend rocking our nation this Holiday season. It's happening at our colleges, it's happening in our churches and it's happening in your town. It knows no racial boundaries, nor age divisions. Preens, tweens, teens and millenials have been caught up in it, and it's not slowing down. It's "Fridge" Racing.

Yes, "Fridge" Racing. What passed for a harmless joke in the 1930's has come back and in a big way. People everywhere are being compelled to grab their "fridge", load it into an automobile and then drive at excessive speeds down our twistiest freeways for reasons that remain cloudy. It's a dangerous "kick" that one out of three youngsters had admitting to trying. What can we do? How can we keep safe? The thrill is incomparable. The desire unquenchable. Put your keys down. There is an answer. Working in secret, governments around the world have commissioned an alternative. A "video reality" substitute that some are calling as thrilling as the real thing. You'll find it distributed freely alongside this publication.

So leave your "fridge" where it is. Let it be the wholesome home of lemon"ade", turkey sandwiches, and properly preserved "left-overs". Be vigilant, drive safely, and inform everyone you know about "Fridge Racing". The "fridge" you save might be your own.

P.S.: I really am sorry about the name, folks. I wanted to call it "Snow Driver" but the eggheads in the lab said the name was already taken.

P.P.S: If we can get "Fridge Racing" trending, maybe Moogle will accept it as a new holiday tradition and let me into the Christmas Contest. Does anyone here have experience virally marketting a dangerous street racing trend?

Fridge Racing features:

-Music by RMSephy!

-Advice from TMC!

-Scripts from the invaluable ThirdParty.hsi

-Exciting "kart" style racing at a mind-bogglign 60 frames per second!


Up - Accelerate

Down - Decelerate (You're a coward if you do this)

Left/Right - Steer.. but there's a cumulative effect. If you hold left for 3 seconds, you'll have to hold right for 3 seconds to counter-act! This is the true treachery of fridge racing.

Escape - Quit (You're a coward if you do this too)

Space - Advance menus

M - Turn the music off/on (Only on the menu. And you're making the game worse if you turn it off)

H - View the High Scores (Only on the menu)

There's an auto-save system, so don't worry about your progress. Give her a go, you won't regret it!

1.2 adds High Score Table & Music Toggle. Also splits game into Hard Type and Easy Type. Easy Type has faster, more manueverable cars and is generally more forgiving... maybe too forgiving. Hard Type is the game as it was meant to be played. Both versions are otherwise identical.
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Download (3.56 MB; downloaded 348 times)
Hard Type 1.2 - Hopefully the Definitive Version (3.56 MB; downloaded 334 times)
Easy Type 1.2 - Hopefully the Final Version (3.55 MB; downloaded 383 times)
Easy Type is less of a hassle.. though victory won't make you feel as good.
Hard Type is rough.. though maybe not as rough as the screenshot suggests. If you can beat it, you're pretty good.
Fridge Racing 2: Cool For The Summer, coming soon!
Photo-realistic graphics!