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Long ago, long before anyone could remember, magic existed. Magic was used by every person. Some were better than others, but they all shared the same interest: Dueling. The Proto-Humans would love to fight each other using their powers. They could bind the four elements at their will. They would replicate mortal animals and use their energies to fight for them.

However, over time, the Proto-Humans began to notice their powers were starting to fade away. Their magic began to stop working for an unknown reason. As a last stand of the Proto-Humans, they contained their magicks into spell cards. With that, the human's lost their ability to use magic on their own. However, they could still replicate the cards.

You start off as a newbie to the world. With some luck and determination, you could become a great Cardian.

The first Demo is my entry to the 2011 Live Like The Amish Contest.
Enjoy. A Read Me has been included.

This game was made entirely without plotscripting, and it shall stay that way in future versions of the game.

-Sound Track-
1. Seashore: Master K
2. Eerie Exploration: Master K
3. Clash: Calehay
4. Solemn: Calehay
5. NES Waltz Calehay
6. NES Groove: Calehay
7. Forest Of OHR: TheCube
8. Walking Synths: TheCube
9. Friendly Neighbors: TheCube
10. Minor Round: TheCube
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Cardian's Of Lore Demo Cardian's Of Lore Demo (15.02 MB; downloaded 476 times)
The Live Like The Amish contest version.
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A Gif of the game.