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You are now going to enter a world. A world, filled with villains, and heroes. You shall be following the tale of the Black Mage Velus, as he journeys through the world. Along the way, he shall encounter heroes, villains, and a plot so devious, so evil, that it could potentially end all good as we know it. Are you brave enough to journey through a world that may become Forsaken by evil?


Currently, the game is in demo stage. The first demo + is most recent. The game is playable up to Moldrith, and you can get one other hero. In the future, more things are to come. Please, report any bugs to me.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:35 pm

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Forsaken Demo Forsaken Demo (1.57 MB; downloaded 395 times)
The first demo, with some bugs crunched.
Forsaken Forsaken (474.03 KB; downloaded 380 times)
The first demo.
Forsaken Title.jpg
Forsaken Cliff.jpg