Doom: Evil Unleashed

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Doom: Evil Unleashed

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The Story So Far- Evil Unleashed

They never saw it coming. As of a few short hours ago, the United Aerospace Corporation's
main dimensional gateways on both sides of the Tei Tenga moon burst open after a short
portal-spawning experiment, and with its release, sent hordes upon hordes of deadly
creatures into the farthest reaches of the moon.

They got what was coming to them. The idea of opening a gateway to another dimension was
an idea too uncomprehensible for one man alone. Their discovery only brought them death.
Now only few pockets of existence remain on the moon's surface as the invasion begins.

Some of these noted survivors are located in the still-operational facilities that hold
ground on the moon's surface, as well as the standing few cities on the moon. The survivors
knew one thing: the only safe place now was behind the trigger of a gun.

Among these survivors was the infamous Alpha Team, whom only hours earlier were sitting in
the moon's Lightside hangar playing a game of cards, before the invasion struck...---
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