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Duck Duck is a top-down platformer puzzle game that plays similar to the classic NES game Kickle Cubicle. The combat mechanics are a blend of Mario Bros and Bomberman.

This is a short demo comprising of four levels and a boss stage. I stopped working on this game shortly after the preview in issue #34 of Hamsterspeak, and just found the game on my hard drive today. I may continue to work on it if it peaks some interest.

Below is an excerpt from the preview writeup posted in Hamsterspeak #34. To see the full preview, follow the link below:


How long has it been since Duck Duck has seen his mum? Too long.

What happens when he hears the classic Simon and Garfunkel song on the radio at work and gets the homesick bug? He quits his job as janitor at Hollodale Elementary, and catches the next train out of town.

He eventually makes it back home, but what happens in transit? How does a flightless duck travel hundreds of miles back home? Is his Mum even there? Only time will tell...
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Duck Duck (2.55 MB; downloaded 446 times)